New Tutorial! Containing Pyrocluster Particles In Cinema 4D

Check out my new tutorial Containing Pyrocluster Particles In Cinema 4D on!

In this tutorial, we will be taking Pyrocluster particles and containing their movement inside a text object, as well as keeping them inside the object without the object itself being visible.

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4 Responses to New Tutorial! Containing Pyrocluster Particles In Cinema 4D

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    • Zidane says:

      Hello Nick!I just got the kit and i have to say it’s amazing!, (I am new to C4D) I’m tniyrg to do the spheres like you did in one of your examples but, the reflections are not looking right, they look sharp (I did the reflection with a fresnel texture, and I played with the brightness), they don’t look glossy and polished. I don’t know how to fix this or how to do the reflection the right way. If you could please help me with this it would be great!

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    • Luis says:

      This has been an awesome thing to have in my bag o trix. I’ve run into a sitaituon on a current project that this won’t work on. When you have some specific texture (in my case an alpha overlay) on the floor. It botches this structure since you can’t frontal map anything but a solid.The only option I’ve found is to do a disc shaped floor, add Sky, and render with GI. I’m sort of stuck trying to figure out how to get a quick render time. :-/