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I’ve been doing a lot of Cinema 4D work recently on “NEW DAWN DIARIES – REBOOT”, an interactive sci-fi web series from producer Dominique Luchart, for WindHorse Entertainment in Los Angeles. NEW DAWN DIARIES – REBOOT is a new entertainment … Continue reading

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Lucasfilm shows off the future of VFX & filmmaking. Real time rendering.


This is a video shot at a presentation showing real time rendering of a mock Star Wars scene. We see actors portraying Stormtroopers and C3PO, as well as the environment and more being rendered as the “scene” progresses. Fascinating stuff.

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Long VFX Breakdown from The Great Gatsby

Chris Godfrey, the VFX Supervisor for The Great Gatsby, shows us the “before and after” reel from the film. Lots of good lighting, texturing, and tracking going on here.

The Great Gatsby VFX from Chris Godfrey on Vimeo.

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7 Reasons to use After Effects Instead of Photoshop

I must admit, I’m guilty of using After Effects instead of Photoshop for certain things. Most of the time it’s when I know a plugin in After Effects that will speed up the workflow and allow a couple different angles of the same shot to be used. Stuff like the Trapcode plugins or creating a simple gradient map and then using Camera Blur to add a quick depth of field to a shot is so helpful. Read the full article from Revostock here.

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FREE 3D Rescources From NASA

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If you’re not already aware, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a bounty of 3D models and textures available for free to the public. Included are models of the International Space Station, Radio Telescopes, Astronaut figures, the Hubble and James Webb telescopes, textures of all the planets and a lot of the moons in the solar system, and a whole lot more. They are useable in just about every 3D package.

Here’s the link: http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/3d_resources/index.html

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